Date :19 mai 2023

TeslaMate v1.20

Quoi de neuf ?

Une nouvelle version de TeslaMate est disponible, v1.20 , vous trouverez ici la longue liste de toutes les évolutions.

Beaucoup beaucoup de petites modifications qui rendent l’outil plus performant et l’interface encore plus intéressante.

Voila deux exemple de mon interface :




  • Update consumption unit to Watt-hour to match in-car unit (#717 by mattw01)
  • Update dashboards to use the new components from Grafana 7
  • Charges: Show very short charging sessions
  • Charges: Add filter for voltage (#857 by Dulanic)
  • Charging Details: Show kWh even if still charging (#744 by Dulanic)
  • Charging Stats: Visualize % of sum instead of max kWh in charging heat map (#680 by Dulanic)
  • Charging Stats: Show cost per 100 km/mi (Charging Stats)
  • Drives: Update possible values for the « cold » column to be consistent (#702 by Dulanic)
  • Drive Details: Show drive efficiency
  • Mileage: Optimize query to get odometer (#804 by Dulanic)
  • Overview: Add ‘total energy added’ to chart (#690 by Dulanic)
  • Overview: Hide stale temperatures
  • Overview: Show most recent driver temp setting while driving
  • Overview: Add efficiency (#970 by DrMichael)
  • States: Display all states names (#755 by DrMichael)
  • Updates: Add links to release notes (#797 and #823 by pmboothby)
  • Updates: Show average range and number of chargers per software version to identify if an update had a bigger than expected impact on range (#731 and #762 by Dulanic)
  • Updates: Fix up the version display when it only has a week value and no point release (#925 by pyjamasam)
  • Vampire Drain: Utilize charges as additional anchor points (#769 by tacotran)
  • Add new Statistics dashboard (#965 by DrMichael)
  • Add the « shared crosshair » setting to some of the dashboards (#932 and #962 by Kosta-Github)
  • « Customize » Grafana logo (#890 by
  • The dashboards require Grafana 7. Make sure you are running the latest version of Grafana if you are not using the Docker installation.




  • Optimize conversion helper functions
  • Allow to set a cost by the minute per geo-fence
  • Allow to set charge cost by minute
  • Allow negative charge costs
  • Periodically store vehicle data while charging
  • Use a more performant HTTP client
  • Try to keep using API tokens if initial refresh at startup fails
  • Tweak streaming timeouts and create a new connection after too many disconnects
  • Change default sleep requirements to not require the car to be locked
  • Use GitHub Actions to build docker images and publish them to DockerHub
  • For those who want to help testing the latest development version: the docker images with the edge tag (teslamate/teslamate:edge and teslamate/grafana:edge) are for you.
  • Allow negative cost_per_unit for geofences (#968 by ayonix)
  • Speed up parsing of CSV files (data import)

Bug Fixes

  • Vampire Drain: Fix duplicate values with multiple cars (#726 by Dulanic)
  • Tooling: Ensure dashboards are restored into the same folder as they currently belong to (#712 by sumnerboy12)
  • Battery Level & Range: fix wrongly displayed values for multiple cars (#843 by lemmerk)
  • Fix handling of locations that cannot be geocoded
  • Show in progress charging sessions
  • Handle API errors during initialization

Si vous préférez vous pouvez les avoir en blanc :


J’utilise TeslaMate depuis le début de l’année et je suis assez fan de cet outil gratuit et opensource qui permet d’avoir un max de données et de statistiques sur nos voitures, batteries, trajets et consommation.

Si vous aimez les données et que vous êtes assez Geek pour l’installer je ne peux que vous le conseiller.